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July 2, 2004
A new comic will be up tonight. While you're waiting though, you can always get a small 24fps fix at Free Comic Book Day. Which means you can walk into just about any comic store and, well, the name should be self-explanitory. You should definitely ask for Keenspace's "From Pixels to Paper" book, a collection of comics hosted on Keenspace (this one included). Do note, however, that the 24fps comic in that book takes place after the next few strips that will be up on the site. So if you pick up the book, it's like getting a sneak preview of things to come! Lucky you!

--Chris "Filmbuff" Ward

Link of the Week:
Pickle Jar is back! After more than a year! Go see how the latest incarnation of this kaleidoscopic comic turns out (it starts here).

Meet Herr Hitler

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