Hello, welcome, and thanks for laking the time to read our comic. First off, let's introduce everyone involved. I'm the writer, i.e. the one who writes. I go by Chris Ward, but am better known in some online circles as FilmBuff. The other person you should thank for this comic is Stephanie Burrows, the resident artist, i.e. the one who draws all them purty peek-chars.. Steph goes by elvengrrl in those same circles where I go by FilmBuff. And finally we come to you. You are the readers, i.e. the ones we hope to entertain on a semi-regular basis. If you need further help figuring out who you are, than maybe a comic strip isn't the best place to be looking.

The comic started as a pet project of mine when I was working as a freelance film critic in Colorado. It didn't take off until almost two years later, when I had moved to California, met Steph, and was no longer reviewing professionally. Still, the comic is very much shaped by my experiences as a critic, as well as my obsession with love of movies.

--Chris "FilmBuff" Ward

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