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Comics we enjoy on a regular basis. Who knows, you just might enjoy them too.

Eternal Caffeine Junkie - This is Steph's other comic, the one she writes and draws all on her own Lots of quality archives to read, and now updating as close to every day as life allows.

Angry People - The best damned stick figure comic out there. Enough said.

Psychic Dyslexia Institute - "Where we have special special powers." Engaging stories, funny jokes, and great art. Plus countless movie references. What's not to like?

Gaming Guardians - Somehow these guys have made a gaming strip that can be enjoyed by people who know little or nothing about gaming. Expect to be consistently taken by surprise by the many plot twists.

Queen of Wands - The amusing adventures of three roommates. Despite the consistent silliness (or perhaps because of it), the characters are very real and likable.

Xenith - Beautifully dark fantasy story. It updates sporadically, which is too bad considering how easy it is to get caught up in the story.

Framed!!! - What happens when people find themselves trapped in a G-rated comic. A very impressive work, not only for its constant humor, but for the lengths to which Damonk will go to expand and experiment with the webcomic medium.

Silly Cone V - The adventures of a group of friend around whom anything can happen and usually does. It's hard to incorporate silly and tragic in the same strip so well, but Scrubbo pulls it off.

J-Walkin' - It's random, bizarre, and damn funny. Plus the art has gone from good to outright amazing since Joe started drawing it by hand.

Fragile Gravity - A fairly recent entry into the webcomic world that focuses on the convention world. I have only been to two and even I know those things are ripe with material for a comic..

Pickle Jar - Breathtaking artwork and consistantly witty writing. The artist takes on a series of unrelated stories, almost always managing to create a bond between his readers and the short-lived characters.

Everyday Stuff - A reality-based strip with MacGuyver and Fabio as background characters. do you really need any other reason to read it?

Something Positive - I don't know what to say about this one. Go and read the first strip. It will give you a very clear picture of what you are in for if you want to keep reading.

1/0 - As far as meta-comics go, this is the one that sets the bar. The process is very aware of itself, and the comic manages to explore a lot of ground while sticking to strict, self-imposed rules.

Sandwich World - Turns out working at a sandwich shop is a lot more interesting than you would expect. What with the demon chef and talking safe and attacking onions and all.

Scandal Sheet - A journalism school graduate wants to keep his integrity, so he refuses to work for a tabloid and goes into pornography instead. And that's just the first story arc.

Jackie's Fridge - This one has been around for a while, and used that time to build a very strong history for its cast. More emotionally involving than one would think a strip with a talking refrigerator could be.

Fanfare - Mainly it's a look into the artist's life for the past year or so, and it is a very interesting look indeed.

Venus Envy - Being a teenaged woman is hard, especially when you were born with the wrong set of genitals. This is a very interesting look into a not-often-explored area of gender identification. A recent discovery that quickly found its way onto my daily reads list.

Life's So Rad - A very bright and colorful reality comic. Corey keeps trying to expand it past just being a webcomic, with varying degrees of success, most notably the zine-style dead tree addition and the community building around the forum.

Nonpersons - The new project from the creator of No Stereotypes. It will be interesting to see where she goes with it..

? - A series on one-shot gags starring the mad scientist Professor Ashfield. The art is intentionally repetitive, but the jokes make up for it.

Spooner - I got hooked on this comic while it was syndicated in newspapers. It has since transferred to the online world, but it is still a very nice read.

Boy Meets Boy - The story of a very happy couple and their friends. One of the most popular comics out there, and with good reason.

Boxjam's Doodle - One of the most consistently great comics to be found. A very simple style backed up with very, very intelligent writing.

Chopping Block - The life and times of a masked serial killer. Delightfully morbid.

Real Life - Very very funny reality strip. That's about all there is to say about it; maybe you should just go read it.

Errant Story - The latest entry from Poe, best known for Exploitation Now. This one is a fantasy comic, apparently about a brash young magic student.

Greystone Inn - A comic strip about the making of a comic strip. If a comic strip were made in a studio with actors. Read it and you will understand.

Ian Comix - the sporadically-updated life and times of Ian J, who is best known for...

RPG World - A parody of role-playing videogames. After reading this, playing the Final Fantasy series suddenly became much more entertaining.

It's Walky - The life and times of a task force set up to prevent alien invasion. Which they somehow manage to do, despite their concerns with pre-marital hanky-panky.

Avalon - Canadians in high school with relationship issues.

College Roomies From Hell!!! - Gun-nuts, tentacle freaks, and werecoyotes. And those are the good guys.

Wendy - Organized chaos in the form of three very odd women.

Superosity - This one is just plain silly. It is also damned funny.

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