Jack is a young, optimistic film critic. Because of this youthful optimism, he has yet to become the stereotype of bitterness his job is associated with. Every time he walks into a theater, he does so with the hope of a memorable cinematic experience. Because this attitude of optimism spreads to other walks of life, he tends to come off as a generally likeable person, if one who sometimes takes movies too seriously.  
  Matt is Jack's roommate and best friend. Matt knows what makes him happy, and has no shame about spending the majority of his time in pursuit of the source of his happiness. Even if that source of happiness is pornographic in nature, which it tends to be.
Lisa is a good friend of Jack, and by association Matt. She is a fine arts major at the local university, although she has learned more from the comission work she does outside of school than she has in the classroom.  
  Amy tends bar at Jack's favorite watering hole. Her nightly dealings with inebriated patrons has given her a thick skin and a shape tounge, which in turn have made her a better bartender. It's like a vicious circle, only not so vicious.
Mary is Jack's younger sister, who recently started college. Like most siblings, she and Jack are alike in more ways than they would care to admit, although she has never understood his obsession with the moving picture.  

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